Kogan & Company works with architecture, engineering, and construction firms from large to small, with practices that are local, regional, national, and international in scope. Here’s what they say about our work and their experience with us.


Our Work

“Thank you for the dedication and commitment to our firm that you have displayed over the past two days! The plan that we have developed has the potential to take us to a whole new level and I am excited about the possibilities. It won’t be easy, and the heavy lifting lies ahead, but I am confident that we will look back in five years and say WOW! Thanks to Ray Kogan for keeping us on task, providing useful insight and guidance, and being a great consultant!”
President, 100-person E/A firm, Mid-Atlantic

“Your work product offers the partners a road map through this process. The leadership of the firm has never had an opportunity to share their deeply held convictions for where we are, where we need to go, and what we are not doing well. We will greatly benefit from the information, and use it to make informed decisions on our collective future in our work session.”
Partner, 250-person planning and engineering firm, Southeast

“It’s been impressive to see your clear information gathering, analysis and reporting. In addition, your organization of our strategic planning retreat was clearly structured. It’s no small undertaking to deliver your high caliber analysis and assure that the retreat segments themselves remain properly focused, time balanced, and properly transitioned. Looking forward to [our firm’s] continuing work with you!”
Principal, Principal, 75-person architecture firm, New England

“We had ten very intelligent, business minded, management skilled, experienced professionals trying to figure this out and you boiled it down and organized it in a way that none of us could do. You were very good at keeping us on point, giving us insightful input about the industry, keeping us on our toes, and helping us get to answers.”
President, 50-person engineering firm, Midwest

“Your analysis and insight is helping raise the practice and business ‘savvy’ of the firm.”
Chief Operating Officer, 180-person architecture firm, West Coast

“Ray is able to cut through the bull when necessary as well as get things back on track when we’re heading off base. He listens to what everyone has to offer and is not shy at putting out ideas. Ray’s preparatory interviews are great and his documentation is extremely detailed.”
President, 50-person engineering firm, Mid-Atlantic

“You are the finest of professionals with a passion for your work that really comes through. I’m sure you have heard this from many of your clients, but you have made a huge impact on us. Your eminent skill in handling our group (and its colorful personalities) was also well in evidence. The completion of this strategic plan is clearly a major milestone in the 99-year history of the firm – and this firm has a long list.”
Principal, 200-person engineering firm, Northeast

“Thank you, Ray – for your excellent thinking, questioning, and facilitating. You were most astute at steering the group toward a positive collection of conclusions and action plans that brought a real confidence to all involved. You orchestrated us masterfully and ended with doable assignments that gave us the hope of follow through. It was insightful to see you add expert insight at just the right moments.”
President, 75-person architecture firm, Southwest

“I was a hard sell. Now I’m a fan. Not only did you do your homework, but your interactive interviews gave the necessary sense that you were genuinely interested in us. Your advance materials demonstrated your engagement with us. I watched you as you encouraged, led, and kept us all focused and moving – not an easy task with any group, but one the size of ours must’ve presented extra challenge. It’s obvious that you know your stuff – the engineer’s world, its difficulties and drivers.”
Vice President, 200-person engineering firm, Mid-Atlantic

The Experience

“Good feelings and optimism follow our two-day session. Thank you for all of your effort in prepping us for the meeting and managing us through this process.”
President, 50-person architecture firm, West Coast

“Let me thank you again for your work in guiding us in our strategic planning. You had in my mind the perfect balance between asking insightful questions, letting us muddle our way through a couple of sticky points, and then also providing insightful guidance along the way based on your experience nationally with dozens of AE firms.”
Principal, 70-person architecture firm, Mid-Atlantic

“I just wanted to send a quick email to say that you did an outstanding job with our strategic planning workshop. It was very worthwhile for everyone who attended. I was telling Bob during lunch today that it was a great decision to bring you on board to assist with development of the plan. It is to your credit that we were able to accomplish so much over the two-day period; you did a great job with facilitating discussion and with keeping things on task.”
Principal, 80-person engineering firm, Mid-Atlantic

“This strategic plan will be very well received by our company. I am constantly amazed at your ability to stretch us, manage us, and keep us focused. Thank you for your extraordinary work, and your personal commitment to helping our company grow and mature.”
President, 400-person general contractor, Mid-Atlantic

“Great job again! You are 2 for 2 with leading us through an incredible amount of areas of practice in a thoughtful, critical, and charming way. I don’t know how you do it.”
Principal, 50-person architecture firm, Midwest

“A very successful management retreat. We had terrific participation, a lot of very good ideas discussed, and we were able to make some very important decisions as we lead the company into the future. Once again, you did a great job in helping us focus on the important issues, and helped us walk out of the room with a renewed sense of purpose.”
President, 45-person engineering firm, Mid-Atlantic

“This was by far the most productive and worthwhile investment undertaken. The momentum is moving in a constructive and healthy direction. Should we undertake strategies and initiatives set forth this during this retreat, we can and should achieve our company and market ambitions.”
Department Head, 200-person engineering firm, West Coast

“We consider you a partner in our growth process. Thanks for all you have done.”
Partner, 100-person architecture firm, Midwest

“Thank you so much for your activities and actions. Onwards and upwards, with – and because of – you.”
Founding Partner, 180-person architecture firm, West Coast

“The retreat was a wonderful success! I came away feeling re-energized and focused on what I need to do in the coming year.”
Principal, 200-person engineering firm, West Coast

“Ray challenged me and my partners and wasn’t afraid to speak frankly to us. He’s got a lot of real world experience to share with us on best practices, etc.”
President, 120-person A/E/CM firm, Southeast

“You offered your own suggestions in a subtle way that made sense when we got bogged down on difficult issues. You provided a very good framework with the pre-retreat research that allowed us to stay on track with a very ambitious agenda. I don’t think we could ever have accomplished this without your assistance. Job well done.”
Principal, 80-person engineering firm, Southwest

“You took us past consensus and into unanimity!”
President and CEO, 500-person engineering firm, Southwest