Since 2004, Kogan & Company has worked with architecture, engineering, and construction firms to develop strategic plans that improve their industry leadership position, competitive advantage, overall performance, and bottom line.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps you take control of your firm’s future. Here’s how we help:

  • Pose thought-provoking questions and provide real answers, prioritizing and addressing your firm’s key issues.
  • Help you envision your firm’s future and develop a road map to get there.
  • Set short-, mid-, and long-term goals.
  • Prepare your firm’s next generation of leaders
  • Give you the opportunity to communicate something truly important to your staff, motivating them with a clear picture of your firm’s direction and future.

Our process addresses your specific challenges and opportunities:

Analysis and Report
  • Interviews with your firm’s management and staff, and a review of your systems.
  • Detailed report identifying your firm’s key initiatives and issues—with recommendations to address them.
Planning Workshop

An intensive work session with your strategic planning team:

  • Address your key issues and define new initiatives
  • Set ambitious but attainable goals
  • Develop strategies and practical action plans to put changes into motion right away.
  • Continuing support as you as you implement your action items one by one, clearing the path for your firm to reach your goals and achieve your vision.
  • A communication strategy to share your new strategic plan firm wide and engage all of your employees in your firm’s future success.

Not all management consulting services fit neatly into the development of a strategic plan. We frequently counsel firms in important topics affecting our industry today:

Leadership & Organizational Development

Leadership transition and development. Is your next generation in place and ready to take on the leadership of your firm? You need a leadership development and succession plan.

Organizational structure. Your organizational structure should optimize your firm’s performance and align with your target markets. Does yours need a redesign?

Firm performance. Is your firm growing at the rate you would like and meeting your profit targets? We’ll help identify what’s standing in the way and recommend strategies for improvement.


Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

We put your firm on the path to a successful integration:

Establish a future vision of the combined and integrated organization.

Identify issues that stand in the way: organizational matters, support systems, work processes, cultural differences, and communication.

Set quantitative goals to measure the effectiveness of the integration process.

Develop strategies and action items—with tasks, champions, and deadlines—to move deliberately toward the future vision of integration and create a positive experience for everyone in your organization, as well as your clients. This is how you’ll maximize your return on investment.

Market Research

Industry trends and drivers. Demographics, economics, social needs, market shifts, the regulatory environment, and other forces create the context in which your firm competes. Understanding the relevancy of these trends and drivers on your firm’s practice—as well as your clients’ business—positions you as a thought leader.

Geographic market research. Do you want to expand your firm’s geographic reach, or open an office in a new location? We help you pinpoint the next “hot” locations, so you can attract talent and opportunities to your firm.

Client perception. How often do you have an open conversation with your key clients about their vision and needs, beyond today’s project? We interview your clients about their objectives and concerns—information that helps you strategize growth, human resources, marketing, service demand, and acquisitions.